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Please note the following technical specification is a list of what we have in general, and not a list of what we have currently available. For more information please contact: theatremanager@kingsheadtheatre.com


Desk zero 88 jester 48

A selection of colour filters

11 of Source 4 juniors

12 of Source 4 par

1 of minuette fresnels

10 of Strand pattern 123

5 of Strand pattern 23

3 of 650 fresnels

1 of Harmony F (1k)

1 of Prel PC

16 of LED parcans

4 of 150w Flood

1 of 500w Flood


1 of Mackie 1402-VLZ3 14 channel mic/line mixer

1 of Presonus Firestudio Project Interface

1 of Mac Mini with Q-lab, Garage Band

1 of Yamaha CDX-530E CD player

1 of Sony CDP-XE270

3 of JBL EON10 G2 Active speakers

A selection of XLR to XLR

A selection of 1/4 Jack to 1/4 Jack

A selection of other assorted sound cables


We can run AV from the Mac Mini though Q-lab and Power Point and output to a television or a monitor.

1 of B-tech BT921 Pro SCART switch box inputs 1 SCART/ 1 PHONO outputs 3SCART/


Stonewood Audio 2 Headset system

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