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Playmill: The Octopus
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Playmill: The Octopus

What am I sorry about? Well I guess I’m most sorry that you’re all such perverts

Annabel wakes up with a mouth full of half eaten dumplings. She stumbles the short distance from her bed to the floor and opens her laptop. She’s certain there was something she was meant to be doing. Finding a job? Apologising for something? It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Only the video. If she could just show you the octopus, if you could just see it for yourself, then you’d understand.

Gabriel Jones returns to the Kings Head Theatre with a new play, starring Anna Chessher of Warhorse. The Octopus is a dark comedy about a woman whose bizarre obsession will consume her life.


Performer - Anna Chessher

Writer and Director - Gabriel Jones

Movement Director - Grace Gibson

Producer - Lauren C Bevan

Marketing Associate - Zoe Biles


Special thanks - Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe

Ticket Price

£10 - £18


Mon 12 - Wed 14 July 2021


King's Head Theatre



Audience feedback:

She’s an intelligent, depressed, easily relatable person, then she grows into this product of the times

Great writing, hilarious, profound and disturbing"

I was somehow horribly depressed and intensely amused at the same time

She comes across as very arrogant, some might say sociopathic? But also very clearly misunderstood. I was both extremely concerned and rooting for her at the end


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