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Bi-boys, Bad-boys, Biographies and Bodies

by Brackets Test

Boys! Boys! Boys! Will take a Beautiful Breadth at the Kings Head Theatre

What does it really mean to be a boy? From 2nd August - 10th September five shows at the King’s Head figure it out. From culture wars to biographical queer history it’s taking masculinity in a whole new light. 

Here’s five reasons to see these boys:

  • The gripping tale of a multi-faceted man
    • Jarman (Mark Farrelly) stages the life of a man who was not only a taboo-breaking filmmaker, protest painter, gay rights activist, prolific writer, but also  an avid gardener, in its first theatrical retelling. From breaking conventional narratives & cultural norms- this one man show travels through time to showcase a man whose spirit is very much alive.
  • Breaking down White Male Masculinity
    • Cancelling a mediocre white man has never been easier, but that doesn’t stop him  from  needing  to say something about it. Take a look behind the  lens of male fragility, anger, and the fight against change. This gripping acknowledgement of the mediocre man has never felt less like fiction. Mediocre White Male captivated audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe & you could see why at the King’s Head this season. 
  • Giving you Naked Hope 
    • How do you learn acceptance when you aren’t accepted? Quentin Crisp finds out  the hard way in the retelling of his life in the global success The Naked Civil Servant. Now, we get to see Crisp (Mark Farrelly) where his career debut started, The Kings Head Theatre. You’ll get to see what it means to have courage and to never be anything less than yourself in the well-loved Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope.
  • Sexual Self-discovery 
    • Bi Bi Baileigh takes a comedic approach to navigating love and bi sexuality. Veterinary student Baileigh down a road of self-discovery. This show sold-out at the Harlow Playhouse and Brighton Pride 2022 and is sure to show you the journey to becoming yourself,warming your heart in the process. We know it's scary becoming who you are… but that’s kind of the best part.
  • Getting Buff & Big 
    • In pursuit of the perfect body, Brawn measures up to the unrealistic expectations set on men. Locked in a garage, our protagonist Ryan lifts and repeats to become the fittest he can be. A cycle that affects his mental health and body, in more ways than one. 

In all five shows we see the twists and turns of societal expectations on what it really means to be a boy. Interested in seeing it for yourself? Come see what's on


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