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Me? No Pause!
New Writing + Cabaret

Me? No Pause!

A taboo-busting multimedia performance, guiding you through perimenopause

From the first medical reference to menopause in the 17th century to menopause management tips with social media influencer Adriana Mole. Symptoms, strategies and stories collide in this taboo-busting multimedia performance, guiding you through perimenopause. Expect spoken word, musical mash-up cabaret, character comedy and movie clips! Belszki returns after her 2020 show 'Blood, Glorious Blood!'

Menopause is one of the biggest taboos left to tackle in society. While it directly affects half the population and indirectly affects the rest, menopause largely remains an off-limits topic of discussion. The Koru Kids Survey (2022) suggests more than one million women in the UK alone could quit their jobs through lack of menopause support. In 2021, a workplace menopause policy was introduced, to raise awareness of its impact on women’s physical and mental health and provide support to those experiencing menopause.

‘Me? No Pause!’ shines a light on the diverse, lived experiences of people going through menopause. It aims to raise awareness of the impacts of menopause on mental and physical wellbeing while highlighting a serious support gap, particularly in workplaces.


Written, produced and performed by Belszki

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £15


25th September


King's Head Theatre



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