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Queer Season: After the Silence
New Writing + LGBT

Queer Season: After the Silence

Two best friends, one eventful night out in Soho.  When the music stops and the silence descends what will the consequences be for them after the silence?

Sarah and her childhood GBF Danny are living their best life on a euphoric Friday night out in Soho.  Cocktails, shots, STEPS… they have it all… except Jo, Sarah’s girlfriend.  She’s working the late shift at St. Thomas’ A&E and misses out on the fun and frivolity.  

Meanwhile, in the suburbs Margaret, Sarah’s mum, is still coming to terms with her daughter’s sexuality having finally been won over by Jo’s summer berry pavlova.

As the night out progresses in the neon lit bars and clubs of Soho, Sarah and Danny’s night out takes an unexpected turn and soon the crimson hue of the dance floor lights frame the events of the evening forever.  Silence descends and for Danny, Sarah, Jo and Margaret, life is never going to be the same again.  



Danny Nicholas Anscombe

Jo Hannah Kidman

Margaret Portia Booroff

Sarah Alice Way

Creative Team

Writer & Producer Paul Jones

Director Stuart Hancock

Stage Manager Danny McKeown

Ticket Price

£12 - £18


1 & 2 Aug 2021


King's Head Theatre



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