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Programming at Kings Head Pub Theatre 

Currently, Kings Head Theatre has limited programming capacity as it prepares for the move into our new theatre. The remainder of our programme is being managed by Guest Artistic Directors which has its own submission process and you can find more about that here.

Programming at Kings Head Islington Square

Our new theatre is a much larger space than our current one, and so whilst our programme will naturally need to change we are still focussing on work that is joyful, irreverent, colourful, camp and queer, and which allows us all to imagine a better future.

We'd love to hear from producers who are interested in discussing larger projects for 200+ seats on longer runs.

To get in touch about this please email Senior Producer Sofi Berenger [email protected] or Associate Producer Zoe Weldon [email protected]. Please only email though if you are a producer and have considered financing and marketing your shows at this scale.

Alongside this, we will continue to support and provide programming opportunities for new companies and artists who have exciting, bold, and alternative projects. We will be announcing more specific opportunities and programming information on that soon. We're not currently in a position to actively discuss this yet.

Other artist opportunities for commissioning or collaboration will be on the Artist Opportunities page.

Artistic Ambitions

We programme work that is joyful, camp, irreverent, colourful, and queer, which allows us all to imagine a better future.

The King’s Head Theatre is a space for stories by, for, and with the LGBTQ+ community, with the aim of fostering a home for the new wave of diverse queer theatre makers. We therefore especially welcome production proposals which embrace all LGBTQ+ stories or are led by majority LGBTQ+ teams. However, if your show doesn’t fall under this umbrella, we’d still love to hear from you, and there is an opportunity on our proposal to state why you think your show is right for the King’s Head Theatre. We want to specifically acknowledge that LGBTQ+ work for LGBTQ+ audiences has many definitions and we are a space that embraces that, exploring the full spectrum of experiences symbolised by the rainbow flag. We are a home for a new wave of diverse queer theatre makers.

We programme across a wide spectrum of performance styles, and below we break down what sort of slots work best with different styles. Our past productions have spanned the following genres: theatre, comedy, musicals, gig theatre, poetry, improv, opera, cabaret, drag, burlesque, stand-up, clown & physical theatre and forms we haven’t even thought of yet. We love to embrace stories that haven't been told before, in ways which haven't been invented yet.