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Venue & Tech Specification

Thinking of bringing your show to our 110 seat venue? Scroll down for a detailed breakdown of our lighting and sound capabilities along with stage plans and useful documentation. 


  • 1 x ETC Nomad Puck with : 1 x ION programming wing, 1 x 20 channel fader wing
  • 10 * Source Four Par
  • 8 * Colorsource LED Par
  • 8 * Source Four Jr Profile
  • 8 * Acclaim Fresnels
  • 4 * Strand 15/32 Profile
  • 2 * Stairville LED Par
  • 1 * Harmony Fresnel (1K)
  • 1 * Source Four 50° Profile
  • A selection of 13 amp and 15 amp extensions (varied lengths)
  • A small selection of various adapters (varied lengths)

The King’s Head Theatre operates on a fixed rig. A rig plan is available on request.

You will need a lighting designer who is a competent programmer on the ION Lighting control console for your show at the King’s Head Theatre. The Venue Technician will not program for you.



The theatre has 36 ways of dimming. One of these will include the house lights.

The space has several 13 amp sockets around the space, and two spare 15 amp dimmers.

  • 1 x Mac Mini
  • 2 x Peavey Passive Powered Amplifiers 
  • 1 x Mackie1402-VLZ3 Stereo Audio Mixer. This desk outputs only to the 2 x Peavey Speakers.
  • 6 x JBL Control One speakers (Passive) only available via QLab Sound Card
  • A selection of XLR - XLR Cables
  • A selection of ¼ Jack to ¼ Jack Cables

The theatre has a QLab subscription for QLab3. You are welcome to use your own subscription login to access a later version of QLab if you need it. Please note that QLab3 is not compatible with later versions of QLab meaning your show will need to be built in QLab3.  

If you wish to bring a laptop or phone to use as a sound source you can plug into the mixer as a stereo feed. In-house microphones and keyboard also go through the mixer.

To use the complete Sound System, both PAs and the Control One Speakers, you will need to program your show onto the in-house mac. 

Please note the theatre only has one in-house wired microphone. If you need more than this or radio mics, you will need to source these yourself.



The in-house QLab 3 is capable of running video content through HDMI or VGA connection to the Mac Mini. There are no projectors or screens at the King’s Head Theatre. Please contact the Theatre Manager in advance of any production if projection is involved.


Stage Configuration

The theatre is configured thrust as default.


Set and Storage

Storage in the theatre is incredibly limited for set items. Large items such as sofas, beds and flight cases cannot be stored in the theatre. Please also note that the theatre space is only accessible through the pub itself and therefore, if you have a lot of bulky items to unload, these will likely need to be brought in or removed in the morning before the pub opens. There is storage space for smaller props and costumes in the dressing rooms.