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New Writing + LGBT+ + A Queer Interrogation


A hilarious, honest & raw exploration of an authentic Bisexual experience

This show is part of the Platform Festival. Explore the full season & find out more here!

Bi-Topia depicts a world in war-time ruins, an LGBTQ+ life scattered across the stage & bravely delves into the under-represented links between battling with poor mental health & dealing with one’s sexuality.

It is a semi-autobiographical & candid show that challenges societal norms. Both cathartic & bombastic, it drags you into the war-room when the enemies are all around, where the levels of anxiety are explosive, shame is coming in from the west flank & gay thoughts are sailing in from the east... This is war.

Taking inspiration from personal experiences & expanding to the wider LGBTQ+ narrative, Bi-Topia sheds a very timely spotlight on the Bisexual experience & reveals real struggles with mental health & the therapy process, whilst also offering a platform to discuss maleness & societal perceptions of masculinity in a broader sense.


Performer | Sam Danson
Director | Rikki Beadle-Blair
Producers | Emmerson & Ward Productions

Ticket Price



10 May


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 mins approx.
Age Guidance | 16+
Content Warnings | Contains strong language, mention of suicide, violence & themes of a sexual nature.

This rehearsed reading is part of Platform Festival, a unique opportunity for audiences to witness productions in development.


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