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Drama + LGBT+ + A Queer Interrogation


A canvas of twisted emotions & calculated moves, where the brushstrokes of one man paint the fate of three lives

This show is part of Platform Festival. Explore the season & find out more here!

A gripping tale of love, betrayal  & the intricate balance between lives.

As secrets & lies unravel, the lives of those involved are thrown into disarray, leaving them to question their choices & the consequences of their actions. Caught in a dangerous game of deception & desire, hearts hang in the balance of life's ever-swinging hinge.

With a cast of dynamic characters & a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Diptych will leave you questioning the nature of love, trust & the price we pay for our desires.


Cast | Alyx Nazir, Alex Kais, Sasha Kane

Authors | Alyx Nazir & NBV 
Director | Alyx Nazir
Stage Manager | Gabor Overny

Stage Operators | Chris Larocca & Tyler Doble

Ticket Price



11 May


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 80 minutes approx.
Age Guidance | 16+
Content Warnings | Drug & alcohol use, elements of emotional abuse.

This rehearsed reading is part of Platform Festival, a unique opportunity for audiences to witness productions in development.



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