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La Copla
Musical + Cabaret + Queer Work + MT Pride Lab

La Copla

Copla became the expression of a gay Spain to dream about

This show is part of MT Pride Lab. Explore the season & find out more here!

Experience a night of queer history, comedy and music with drag artist La Gitana as they take the stage to celebrate the subversive nature of Spanish Copla songs. This genre of music was once repressed by Franco's dictatorship, but La Gitana is bringing it back to life with a fresh twist that will have you laughing, singing along and tapping your feet.

In this solo performance, Dr Copla Alejandro Postigo de-constructs the traditional Spanish songs and shares their historical significance for queer collectives, inviting the audience to be part of the dialogue. Through his interpretation of songs and sharing of life stories, you'll witness his rebirth as alter ego La Gitana, all while enjoying drinks and interacting with the performer.



'The star of the show is the Copla music itself: theatrical folk songs of immense beauty and intricate storytelling' ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly


'A stepping stone to pave the way for diverse LGBT+ voices & minorities in political exile in our current times' ★★★★★ The Prisma


'La Gitana shines so bright... just the right balance of frivolity & reality!' ★★★★★ Stagey Lady




Author/Performer | Alejandro Postigo
Director | Sergio Maggiolo
Assistant Director | Jazmine Mitts

Video Design | Ricardo Ferreira
Piano | Jack Elsdon
Violin | Violeta Valladares

Ticket Price

£10 - £13.50


1 & 2 Jul 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 mins approx. 
Age Guidance | 12+

Part of the MT Pride Lab season ticket offer!*

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  • Book x3 or more shows, get 20% off.

Excludes £10 tickets.*


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