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Drama + New Writing


Alice had 3 years removed from her memory and a new brain-implant installed. She doesn't remember what led her to this. Her body still does.

In the near future Lethe ENT. is leading the field in memory augmentation technology. Alice volunteered for their experiment and asked for 3 years to be removed from her memory. Now she doesn't remember what sent her to them, and an implant embedded in her skull protects her from recalling.

But she is free... right?

Lethe explores a cyberpunk inspired future of 'high tech and low life', where the best version of yourself can be commodified and sold back to you. 

A journey into the mind and the body, asking do nightmares live in our head… or under our skin?



Alice | Sarah Cullum
Daphne/Other Alice | Eleanor Harper

Writer & Producer | Noga Flaishon
Director | Micha Mirto
Movement Designer | Coral Tarran
Sound Designer | RODENT
Lighting Designer | Adi Currie
Voiceover | Niamh Blackman, Michael Alan Herman, RODENT
Marketing Consultant | Holly Adomah Thompson
Consultant from AVA (against violence & Abuse) Charity | Ruth Mason

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £15


1 - 12 Nov


King's Head Theatre



"Enigmatic and mesmerising performances that will keep you connected to the core of this sci-fi horror" ★★★★★ Ghouls Magazine

"Brilliantly written, grippingly performed and masterfully directed" ★★★★★ Not Just The West End

"Wonderfully dark and enigmatic... Sci-fi theatre at it's utmost best" ★★★★ Everything Theatre


Content warning: Lethe is a play about recovery from sexual assault related PTSD & there is use of flashing lights.

The play depicts mood swings, flash backs, disassociation & other symptoms common to post traumatic stress disorder.

We understand how the themes of the piece might be challenging to viewers with lived experience of the subject & we would like to offer whatever support we can. We encourage our audience who might be affected by the themes of the play to bring a friend, a family member or any other trusted person to the show. If you find the content triggering, we welcome you to step outside, breathe, & return if you’d like to.

Additionally, our production worked closely with AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) & we believe their new tool for survivors Breathing Space could offer some valuable tools for self-care and support for survivors. The tool has been truly co-produced throughout with a diverse group of women who have lived experience of the issue.

For a full synopsis of the play please do not hesitate to contact Harpy Productions at: [email protected].


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