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Liminal: Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Exploring the bittersweet richness of the dark, with the creamy decadence of the light, Le Gateau Chocolat joins forces with King’s Head Theatre to create a brand new show.

Each night, a specially curated operatic song cycle will offer a meditation on where do we go and who do we become when we lose our anchor? 

For years, in a small room at the back of a pub, audiences have seen the greatest operas reworked, reimagined, and updated. But what happens when Tosca takes her taxi home at the end of the night? When Figaro has a zoom meeting at 11.00am?

King’s Head favourites and some exciting new voices explore the space between the persona and the person in a new honest and emotional response to the world away from the glamour.

Developed and directed by Le Gateau Chocolat, this is a raw personal look at opera and the people who perform it. Different for each cast, opera doesn’t get more intimate than this.

Runtime approximately 50 minutes. As each version of this production is unique to the individual performer/s this may vary slightly from performance to performance.


Performed by Grace Nyandoro on 21, 23 (7.00pm) October

Performed by Dan D’Souza on 20 October

Performed by Honey Rouhani & Robert Barbaro on 23 (3.00pm) October 

Performed by CN Lester on 22 October

Created by Le Gateau Chocolat

Based on the original production Raw Cacao

Written and devised by Le Gateau Chocolat

Co-written and narrated by Tommy Bradson

Lighting Designer and Production Manager Connor Lovejoy

Set Designer Isabella Van Braeckel

Musical Director Debbi Lindley

Movement Consultant Ingrid Mackinnon

Assistant Director Amber Sinclair-Case

Stage Manager Chloe Wilson

Production Photography Lidia Crisafulli

Originally produced by Something To Aim For

Ticket Price

£15 - £35


29 September - 23 October 2021



“A show lamenting our enforced isolation but also underlining our basic humanity and need for each other... stunning" GScene


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