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Queen of Fishtown
New Writing

Queen of Fishtown

It’s like “Mare of Easttown” but funny and with zero murder

A character comedy set in Philadelphia about struggling to maintain one's authenticity while facing inevitable change.

Bad enough Kathleen Burke's neighbourhood has gentrified around her, when she gets the surprise of her life at her 40th birthday party it triggers her own high-stakes battle between “woo-woo” healing and working-class attitude.

A solo show filled with hope and profanity that has audiences across America laughing, crying and craving a cheesesteak. It’s like “Mare of Easttown” but funny and with zero murder.


Written and Performed by Katierose Donohue Enriquez

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £15


31st July - 1st August


King's Head Theatre



"A powerhouse of a comedic performance is the jewel in this crown..... a Platinum Medal winner at Hollywood Fringe" Ernest Kearney on

"Katierose has created such a heartfelt and honest story with a perfect unsung hero. That's not a character we hear from very often and it's about damn time she gets her own show. It's hilarious but I didn't expect to be so moved by it..." - Andrew Rannells (Book of Mormon, GIRLS)

"Katierose has created such a rich world, I didn't want to leave it at the end. The crowd was so on board the entire time -- it's hard to imagine something playing better!" - Brit McAdams 


Content warnings: Alcohol and tobacco use, language, adult themes


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