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The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns
Drama + Musical + Comedy

The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns

Time for the Lothario ghost of Scotland's Bard to learn some lessons in modern love... and ghosting!

18th Century Romance meets 21st Century Modern Dating in this hit musical romcom by Gillian Duffy.

An intimate date with the writer of Auld Land Syne, including everything from love, dating, breakups and, most importantly, ghosting...

Heartbroken author Emily Winters takes herself away to her aunt’s old cottage in Ayrshire, Scotland, to get over her cheating ex. As she celebrates Burns night alone (wishing that the right man would show up), she gets a visitation slightly different than what she’d hoped for... The ghost of Robert Burns appears to give her some dating advice – and he knows what he’s talking about.

Featuring the great songs and poems of Burns, such as My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, Ae Fond Kiss, Charlie is my Darlin’ and of course Auld Lang Syne, this hilarious comedy proves that love and relationships haven’t changed that much in 200 years after all.



Considered a trailblazer and pioneer of the Romantic movement, Robert Burns' influence resonates through the ages. His work inspired the likes of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Shelley, shaping the course of literary history. Today, his legacy lives on in the works of modern icons such as John Steinbeck, Bob Dylan, and the incomparable Eddi Reader.

Now, prepare to be enthralled as we bring Burns' remarkable life to the stage in The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns!

This hit musical romcom is back by popular demand at our cozy pub theatre. Immerse yourself in the joy, passion, & creativity that defined Burns, a man who burned brightly in his brief existence. Be part of an unforgettable evening that pays tribute to one of history's greatest literary icons. 


'The best double act for your money' ★★★★★ Get Your Coats On


'We were blown away by this production' ★★★★★ London Fringe Theatre Review


'A beautifully written, witty production... charming and laced with humour throughout' ★★★★★ Into Creative


'A brilliant & compact commentary on modern love' ★★★★★ Dundee Review




Cast | Colin McGowan, Gill McGowan

Writer | Gillian Duffy
Producing Company | Dreamweaver Creative
Designer | WT Houston

Ticket Price

£10 - £18


26 & 28 May 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 70 mins approx.
Age Guidance | 14+


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