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The Pink List
Drama + Cabaret House + Camden Fringe

The Pink List

A thought-provoking one-person musical inspired by the untold stories of gay men in postwar Germany.

1957 West Germany. The battle against the Nazis ended 12 years ago, but the war against injustice rages on.

Karl, a gay concentration camp survivor, stands trial for the "crime" of loving another man. While most laws have been denazified, the Nazi-era law persecuting homosexuals remains in force, making men like Karl perpetual offenders rather than recognized victims.

The Pink List, a one-person musical inspired by the untold stories of gay men in postwar Germany, takes its name from the lists created by the Nazis to track and target gay men - lists that were still used by the German police in post-war years. This thought-provoking work sheds light on the struggle for recognition in a society that refused to acknowledge the suffering endured by the persecuted.


Creator and Performer | Michael Trauffer (he/him)

Additional Creation & Musical Supervision | Sarah Morrison (she/her)

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £15


16 June, 5 Aug, 11 Aug, 13 Aug





For previous work:

"This is not just a show. This is an awakening." - ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Incredibly thoughtful and often moving" - ★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

"Captivating" - ★★★★ The Scotsman


Running Time: 60 mins

Content Warnings: Contains distressing themes, references to violence, war, war crimes, PTSD and homophobia.

Age Guidance: 12+


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