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Turning The Screw: Playwright's Response
New Writing + Main House Later

Turning The Screw: Playwright's Response

Brand new, rapidly written pieces, from emerging and exciting writers, created in response to Turning The Screw

Exploring the dynamics of power and art, 'Turning the Screw' is a fascinating and nuanced exploration of a key point in the life of composer Benjamin Britten and his relationships with boys.

5 writers, 5 responses, presented in 50 minutes.

"Hands" by Lisa Blackwell (she/her)
David, an ageing ex-teacher, is alone and dying. When he receives an unexpected visitor, a ghost from the past he wonders, do they come with airs from heaven, or blasts from hell?

"Prologue" by Arden Fitzroy (they/them):
When friends gather for a soirée, the host finds that the story they want to tell, is seldom the story the audience wants to hear… and often isn't the story that needs to be told.

"Variations on a Theme" by Molly Goetzee

''Three Years Later''
by Freddie Haberfellner (he/they):
'Three Years Later' Explores an encounter between Rory, a budding artist, and Victor, their father's friend and a well-known comedian. The two haven't seen each other in three years, and Rory is still trying to process what happened the last time they met. 

"Unlawful" by Keith Orton (he/him):
At a time when homosexuality is still criminalised, there are thrills to be gained from taking risks and breaking the law in the quest for sexual gratification. But is Ben suffering the consequences of his latest encounter?

Join us for a night of brand new rapidly written pieces from emerging and exciting writers, created in response to the themes, ideas and the era explored in the show. Both "Turning the Screw" and the Playwright's Response pieces form part of our core programming of new plays platforming LQBTQIA+ voices.

As part of our continued dedication to supporting artists, proceeds for the night will go towards paying the writers whose pieces are selected.


Cast |
Adam Rhys Davies
Dickon Farmer
Elijah Ferreira
Madeleine MacMahon 
Sam McHale
Naomi Paxton

Response Writers |
Lisa Blackwell
Arden Fitzroy
Molly Goetzee
Freddie Haberfellner
Keith Orton


Ticket Price

£5 or discounted rate available when bought with a ticket to Turning the Screw


5th March


Kings Head Theatre



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