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Comedy + New Writing


A Kid's Show For Adults!

Loneliness is a state of mind.

An Illusion.

Because you’re never alone if you’re with yourself.

TwoFace has been inside for a very long time. They’re starting to feel…different. Luckily, a vibrant cast of characters is armed and ready to lead TwoFace through this gloomy doom and onto the path of queer joy!

Meet Tina, the sexually liberated puppet,

Butch, the Fairy Dyke Mother,

Gina Ginason, the self-help TV guru

And more!

The most fun you’ll ever have watching a show about depression, TwoFace confronts deep loneliness, gender dysphoria, and mental illness in glistening technicolour.


Written and Performed by Sophia Hirsch

Directed by Heather O'Sullivan

Heather O’Sullivan (she/her) and Sophia Hirsch (she/they) met on their master’s drama course where they simply could not stop LOLing at each other’s jokes. Recognizing their potential for creative symbiosis, with Sophia’s dedication to Queer experimentation and Heather’s eye for whip-smart comedy, they had no choice but to make some theatre together. 

Ticket Price

£10 - 18


12 - 13 June


King's Head Theatre



Audience Reactions

“I was blown away. So brilliantly encapsulates so many of the things people of our age go through exploring gender and sexuality”.

“It’s bold, it’s important. I wish every piece of work made me feel the way this made me feel”. 

“Funny, clever, eye-opening, all the things you want to see in a show…like the whole world around you doesn’t exist…it sucked me in”.


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New Writing

Let's Pause There

A dark, funny and unpredictable new play about therapy, self-awareness and coping with your problems