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Working Girls of Soho
Musical + Cabaret

Working Girls of Soho

Saucy tales of notorious women

Be taken on a wild journey through Soho’s shady past, meeting the female whores, club runners & thieves who have been Soho’s beating heart since the 18th Century. A night of song, storytelling, dance & comedy awaits.

Josephine Pembroke, a Soho veteran, will take you there, having lived & worked in Soho in the 1980s. Josephine created the post feminist cabaret act Pussies Galore, & performed regularly at Heaven, Pascha & The Cafe de Paris in the 1990s.

The Working Girls of Soho, which premiered at Edinburgh last year, takes you on a captivating journey of discovery, meeting the women who made Soho happen, in all its seedy splendour. Be introduced to a host of infamous women who walked the streets of Soho in its heyday.

Meet ‘Ma’ Meyrick, the 1920s nightclub queen; encounter the legendary all-female crime syndicate, The Forty Elephants Gang; engage with street walkers Aristocratic Annie & Sadistic Cindy in a cabaret of comedy, characters, dance, torch songs & show tunes from the roaring 20s to the swinging 60s & into the bleak 70s.

'With her tales of Soho’s wild women, from 17th Century madams to Muriel Belcher and Henrietta Moraes (interspersed with her own stories of wild living in Soho in the 1980s). Josephine Pembroke’s show featuring songs from Sondheim to Cy Coleman & Dorothy Field, blows the doors off' Liz Hoggard (The Telegraph & The Times)

'Josephine's show has all the nostalgia and corrupt innocence of Soho, before the "clean up' Richard Stirling, Cecil Beaton's Diaries

'Captures the true spirit of old Soho through the sexy, powerful women who’ve been its beating heart since the 18th century. Fascinating & riveting.' Celia Dodd (The Times & The Telegraph)

'Adelightful dip into the lost world of decadence and debauchery!' Tony Shrimplin (The Museum of Soho)

'Wit, charm & plenty of sauce!’ Sophie Parkin (The Colony Room Club)

'Captivating, Josephine knows how to hold the audience in the palm of her hand' Matthew Freeman (Musical Supervisor, Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas)

'Josephine's show is nostalgic and sometimes mournful, but always defiant' Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet, Downtown Abbey)

'I wish I’d had a life like Josephine‘s' Jo Good (BBC Radio)

'Josephine sang one of my favourite songs... it was so moving' Patti Boulaye (Singer)


Writer | Josephine Pembroke
Dancers | Lisa Mulidore & Sue Gyngell
Director & Choreographer | Lisa Mulidore
Musical Director | Heather Longman
Pianist | George Webster

Josephine Pembroke is the founder of the post feminist Cabaret act Pussies Galore. A Soho veteran, who lived in Dean Street in the 1980's, she embraced the bohemian life.

Ticket Price

£10 - £15.00


24 Mar


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 mins approx.
Age Guidance | 16+
Content Warning | Swearing & sexual suggestion


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