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Drama + LGBT+ + A Queer Interrogation


An urgent new play about growing up gay & the desperate quest for happiness

This show is part of the Platform Festival. Explore the full season & find out more here!



‘And as much as I try and scrub it out -
to love in the right way -
I can’t get rid of all these -
all these things I feel.’


All Ellis wants is to be free. Free from the shame he feels about his sexuality, free from judgment of those around him and free to embark into adulthood, happy with the person he is. Through Dr. Fay’s severe methods, Ellis might finally have found a way to achieve this. But on his surreal journey to get the life he has grown up wanting, Ellis finds himself caught in a fight between self-destruction and self-acceptance.

This event will be presented as a rehearsed reading of an urgent new play about growing up gay and the desperate quest for happiness.


Cast | Misia Butler, Nicholas Gauci, Ché Francis, Lili Miller

Writer | Matt Gurr
Director | Robbie Taylor Hunt

Presented by Harlow Playhouse & Mercury Theatre.

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10 May 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 80 mins approx.
Content Warnings | Homophobic content, including homophobic violence, attempted conversion, and non-consensual sexual content.

This rehearsed reading is part of Platform Festival, a unique opportunity for audiences to witness productions in development.


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