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Frankie Heartless
Drag + A Queer Interrogation

Frankie Heartless

Drag king. Violinist. Hopeless romantic.

This show is part of A Queer Interrogation, a season curated by Tom Ratcliffe for The Takeover.
Explore the full season & find out more here!

"If gender is just a term in grammar, how can I ever find my way?"


Frankie Heartless is the King with the violin.

Join them as they talk, sing & play their way through love, dating & gender identity.

Frankie began life as a classical singer & violinist, but discovered a love of folk, rock, musicals & being a bit of a clown, which is generally frowned upon in most orchestras...

Ticket Price

£10 - £13.50


28 Apr 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 45 min approx. 
Age | 16+
Content Warning | Heavy makeup, loud music, occasional strong language.


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