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Stand Up/Improv Comedy + Sight Unseen


Full-fat comedy: bold & hilarious improv from plus-size performers

This show is part of Sight Unseen, a season curated by Isabel Adomakoh Young for The Takeover.

Explore the full season & find out more here!

London’s best plus-size performers are unapologetically taking up space. Juice is a comedy show made with real-life stories and a couple of sturdy chairs. 

Featuring seasoned performers from The Free Association, Hoopla, UCB, Yes Queens, The Descendants, Taco Cat, Jacuzii, NANA, Slumber Party, Do The Right Scene and Summer Camp.

Special Guest: Alison Spittle. The presenter of BBC Sounds Wheel of Misfortune, and has also appeared on Off Menu, Guilty Feminist, and The Gargle, and is in the British Comedy Guide Best Reviewed Shows 2022. 



Cast | Amy Annette, Britt Pay, Karlie Menzel, Ellie Fulcher, Megan Harris, Alison Spittle

Ticket Price

£10 - £13.50


31 Mar


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 45 mins approx. 
Age Guidance | 16+


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