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The Rotting Hart
New Writing + Horror + A Queer Interrogation

The Rotting Hart

Brokeback Mountain meets The Fly in this new Spanish-infused queer horror

Part of A Queer Interrogation, a season curated by Tom Ratcliffe for The Takeover.
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"Blood pools around my paws. Blood soaks my fur. Blood trickles down my throat."


In the valleys of Toledo, Spain, a young man has always lived a sheltered life with his father.

At least until Diego arrives - tall and proud and full to the brim. Diego talks to him like his father never does, drags him out on adventures around the abandoned monastery, reads him poetry. He doesn’t know what any of it means. All he knows is that, since Diego arrived, something has started to change: feelings he doesn’t understand are bursting through his skin like black fur; words and language are starting to lose their meaning; and intrusive thoughts make him wonder whether Diego’s proud neck would fit between his growing canines…

Predator or prey. Hunt or be hunted. A tale of how ignorance and hate can transform men into wild beasts.

Brokeback Mountain meets The Fly in this new Spanish-infused queer horror, a raw and powerful story unpacking the depths of human emotion and the consequences of societal norms.


"He doesn't look so proud anymore. Prey can't be proud."



From Crested Fools Theatre Company, the makers of Edinburgh Horror Festival 2021's sell-out show Becquer’s Legends ('A polished, creepy storytelling experience' ★★★★ The Wee Review), in collaboration with Fronteiras Theatre Lab (The Illusion of Truth ★★★★★ The Edinburgh Reporter) comes a dark and haunting tale exploring the history of homophobia in Spain and the enduring hate that persists inside ourselves.


Writer & Performer | Daniel Orejon
Director | Flavia D'Avila
Technical Manager | Liz Marsh

Ticket Price

£10 - £15


21 & 23 Apr 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 1 hour approx.
Age Guidance | 15+
Content Warnings | Suggestions of violence, gore, sex & animal cruelty.

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