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Will It Ever Actually Happen?
Comedy + Drag + A Queer Interrogation

Will It Ever Actually Happen?

Indulgence in malice, mystery & the camp elite in this murder mystery set in a drag contest

This show is part of A Queer Interrogation. Explore the full season & find out more here!

It’s the crowning moment as Rosacea Blemish is just seconds away from becoming The Next Hag Supertart.

As everything all comes into place, as the crown is placed on her cranium, we witness a vengeful act of attempted murder as Rosacea is blown to pieces from the very crown in which she claimed.

But who did it? The runners uppers, the curator, or the helpless tech, laboriously tailing after the curator’s every order. Well, well, let us take a soddin’ look, shall we?

Join us as we delve back to where it all began, through campery, comedy & drama to find out which one of our cast members is perhaps not so innocent. You'll laugh and/or cry for whatever reason but emotions will be had as we whisk you away to the world of the London drag contest scene.


Writer & Producer | Rosacea Blemish
Cast | Rosacea Blemish, Big Liz, Hannah Mantana, Danielle James as The Doll Named Dan, Soroya Marchelle, Angel Fiorucci, Pocket Rocket

Sound | Michel Angelo
Choreographer | Isidro Ridout
Dancers | Isidro Ridout, Bobby Harding & Luca Zavat

Ticket Price

£10 - £13.50


12 May


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 minutes approx.
Age Guidance | 18+
Content Warnings | Nudity & strong language.


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