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YaYa As... The Wise Men of Chelm
Comedy + Cabaret House + Camden Fringe

YaYa As... The Wise Men of Chelm

A show on the complex… and not-so-complex men seen in today’s Jewish society.

Have you ever met a Jewish man you haven’t liked? Don’t answer that question. 

“Yaya As…” presents hilarious and uncomfortably familiar stories of Jewish men grappling with their masculinity and whether or not to call their mums back. 

Can you help Aaron prepare for his Bar Mitzvah so he gets a standing ovation? Did you know Jewish Rock is a valid genre of music? Let Mordy, a professional camp counsellor, teach the rules of Jewish summer camp with his guitar (also named Mordy). Just John is an active listener and wants to give you the space to ask him out on a date.

These Jewish men will pull at your heartstrings, get you hot and heavy, and teach you a thing or two about feminism. 

Growing up, Yaya was made to feel that despite their efforts to engage with the religion, there was a holiness and wiseness that only men could achieve. But not being let into the clique means being able to see the comedic cracks and inconsistencies in the rules these men uphold. Through drag, YaYa As embodies the men they’ve known, loved, tolerated and mostly wanted to be.

Welcome to Yaya’s “city of fools” or as the Jews like to call it “The Wise Men of Chelm.”



Creator, Writer, Performer, Producer | Yael Elisheva

Director, Producer | Lara Robinson

Photographer | James Klug

Poster Designer | Holly Craig

Ticket Price



17 Aug





Content Warnings: This show contains sexual references and adult themes

Age Guidance: 16+

Running Time: 60 mins


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