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King's Head Theatre is indebted to the following people and organisations. Thanks to their support, we are able to keep on producing impactful work, supporting early career artists and creating the future of the fringe. 

Patrons: Greg Marsh, James Hogan & Charles Glanville and Adrian Arena from the Oak Foundation

Partners: Cain International, Islington Council


Specific Films Limited

Nick Hern Books

Lean Two Productions Ltd


Edinburgh International Conference Centre

JHI Marketing

RGM Productions


Nimax Theatres Ltd

Central Tickets Ltd

The Humble Grape, Islington


Trusts & Foundations: 

Greater London Authority 

Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

The Steven & Joan Fogel Charitable Trust

The Foyle Foundation

Oak Foundation

The Clothworkers Foundation 

Equity Charitable Trust

St. James’s Trust

Artistic Directors' Circle:

Mr Robert Bready

Key to the King's Head Theatre: 

Mr Bert Aerts

Mr Ricardo Alonso

Charles Cormick

Key to the Dressing Room: 

Mr Michael Mitchell

Charles Cormick

Miss Pamela Dow

Key to the Stage Door: 

Mr Nick Perry

Mr Brian Smith

Miss Louise Matlock

Mr Nigel Haunch

Harold Lorenzelli

Peter Workman

Mr Peter Bramah

Jop Bekink

Ms Heather Petty

Mr Martin Checov

Mr James Friedenthal

Mrs Andrea Greystoke

Neil King

Mr Carl Westmoreland

Manfred Kurt

Ms Frieda Schicker

Mr Matthew Hedges

Mr Geoffrey King

Mrs Jan Knight

Mr John Rowlands

Mr Bernard Sharp

Ms Mel Vecerik


Mr Rafael Ripoll Hsia

Mr Simon Bolland

Mr Graham Barnes

Martin Parrott

Mr Martin Klute

Mr Martin Feaver

Mr Nick Mott

Mr Richard Pierse

Ms Kate Tonizzo

Mr Zsolt Dancza

Mrs Philippa Levey

Liang Wee

Katie Blainey

Jackie Hollands

Mr Martin Fairhurst

Mr Jean-Philippe Llored

Ms Ulrike Siemens

Ms Diane Burridge

Scott Jacobson

Mr Richard Howard

Mr Peter Dudas

Ms Debbie Whitaker

Charles Layton

Mr Richard Newman

Mr Mansel David

Lord Philip Hunt

Mr Joachim Schwenk

David Clarke

Mr Neil Woodgate

Dugan Cummings

Mr Arthur Ward

Sandra Fisher

Mr Jonathan Byrne

Mr Graham Taylor

Mr Stephen Hind

Dr Thomas Boyd

Ms Catherine Chamorro

Frank Sergi

Professor Richard Dyer

John Richardson

Joanie Speers

Mr Kevin March

Ms Jo Challands

Mr Jeffrey Brazier

Mr Geoffrey King

Mr David Harding

Mr Mark Peters

Dr Keith Baker

Martin Smith

Mr Anthony Lloyd

Mr Mabs Rahman

Lynne Lester-George

Mr John-Paul Buck

Ms Sandra Giorgetti

Mr Alex Bols

Mr Robert McDonald

Mr Robert Collinge

Mr Dan Webber

Mr. Fred Ringham

Ms Lois Potter

Mr Roger Mears

Mr Vincent Lyte

Revd. Quintin Peppiatt

Ms Gillian Plowman

Mr Stephen Kirkham

Tim Matschak

Mr Ant Babajee

Ms Jacqueline Conway

Erica Dickson

Mr Michael Goldmann

Mr Kevin McCabe

Mr Andrew McColl

Miss Janet McLeavy

Mark Ormerod

Amy Southwood