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How to Survive Your Mother
Drama + Main House

How to Survive Your Mother

The true story of a Technicolor woman in a black and white world

The true story of a Technicolor Woman in a black and white world

By Jonathan Maitland (Dead Sheep, An Audience with Jimmy Savile, The Interview)

How do you navigate a crazy, glamorous, narcissistic, scandal-loving mother whose idea of fun is to turn your 1970s family home into Britain’s first ever gay hotel?

A chance meeting leads a writer to investigate his mother’s secret past and trawl through memories of her colourful life. It’s perfect subject matter for a play. But should he be exposing her private life for public entertainment? And why is he starring in the play as himself?


Writer| Jonathan Maitland
Director|  Oliver Dawe


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23rd Oct - 24th Nov


King's Head Theatre



Reviews for previous work by Jonathan Maitland:

★★★★★ “Scathing…excoriating…a five-star cracker” - Daily Mail on The Interview
★★★★★ "A brilliant political fracas…fascinating" - Daily Mail on Dead Sheep
★★★★ "Unnerving….simply extraordinary" - The Times on An Audience with Jimmy Savile
★★★★★ "A remarkable piece of theatre" New European on The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson


Age Restriction: 14+

Content Warnings: Scenes containing offensive language and physical and emotional abuse. Themes include suicide, serious physical and mental illness, death and anti-Semitism


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