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The Haunting of Susan A | Playtext


Written as a response to the 50th anniversary celebration of the King’s Head Theatre, Mark Ravenhill premieres his first new play as Artistic Director.

Drawing on the traditions of a classic ghost story, The Haunting of Susan A explores the power of the mind to make the unseen visible and for the cruelty of the past to haunt a room. Described as “a ghost story”, the play is Inspired by Ravenhill’s love of the work of M.R. James and is set in the King’s Head Theatre itself.

Through monologue form it explores how trauma from the past can realise itself in the present and the power of the imagination to make the unseen manifest. Published alongside an introduction from Timberlake Wertenbaker, this text also includes Ravenhill’s ‘101 notes on Playwriting’, which caused a sensation on Twitter and appears in print for the first time.