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Queer Season: Mating in Captivity
New Writing + LGBT

Queer Season: Mating in Captivity

Are you trying to work out how Gay I am?  Where do I land on the Kinsey Scale?  I feel like I’m a solid three.  Do I qualify for bigotry?

Rob and Annie arrive home, in a button-popping, dress-dropping frenzy, fully intending to consummate their engagement…when the past comes knocking, in the shape of Rob’s ex-lover, Jacob, asleep, naked in their bed.

Caustic pillow talk and sexy quick wit pepper claustrophobic bedroom politics in this viciously sharp queer comedy of errors filled with explosive desire and lingering heartbreak.

New Zealand screenwriter Oliver Page’s “hip, slick, fast-paced” Mating in Captivity is an ode to the dialogue-driven, screwball comedies of 1930s cinema.  “A truly modern day romp”, this raucous comedy is a whirlwind look at sexuality, what it means to be in love and how to make relationships, conventional or otherwise, work in today’s world.



Annie Jane Christie

Jacob Adam Colborne

Rob Rowland Stirling 


Writer Oliver Page

Director Zachary Hart

Set/Costume Designer Aline Jeffrey 

Stage Manager Leonora Nicholson 

Ticket Price

£12 - £18


3 - 7 Aug 2021


King's Head Theatre



"It's whip smart, it's funny, it's about sexual subtext and you can't spell 'Subtext' without 'Butt-Sex'Scoop Culture


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