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Isabel Adomakoh Young Announces first Takeover Season: Sight Unseen!

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PECS Co-creator Isabel Adomakoh Young announces her first season as Guest Artistic Director at King’s Head Theatre. 

Isabel’s season is part of The Takeover, where four mid-career LGBTQI+ artists are handed the keys to our iconic pub theatre.

Her season, Sight Unseen, is an eclectic mix of shows unpacking untold stories & histories with an LGBTQI+ focus. 

It’s an honour to be platforming the fantastic work I’ve chosen for Sight Unseen. Over the season, audiences will be wooed by drag kings, exhilarated by new writing, entertained by a trans autobiography and challenged by a chimney. Starting at the Kings Head, we will travel from a doorstep in Dublin to a lecture hall in 1900s Sierra Leone, and from a Muslim auntie’s front room to an underground sex club, via the queue for the Queen’s coffin.” - Isabel



Shows in the Sight Unseen season:

Starting off the season Unleash the Llama will return to King’s Head Theatre after their hit shows JEW…ish and Man of 100 Faces. Telling the untold and true story of the greates black Briton you've never heard of - ABC Merriman-Labour, an African satirist and writer who wrote the first ethnographic account of the White Man.  A Charismatic one-man show featuring a kaleidoscope of characters, puppetry and live sound effects. 

A proper London, proper uplifting & proper queer coming-of-age story. Genderqueer Krissy (and a South-East London chimney) tell the story of the 18th Century shipwright Mary Lacy who defied gender norms to have a career in 1759 Deptford. 

This is the second play by writer Paul Stone, telling a true, and positive history of a British Muslim woman, Tamina, who in 1959 opens up her front room as a pop-up gay bar after witnessing the abuse suffered by the gay community.

"There's nothing less sexy than the cloakroom queue at a sex party". Alice McKee’s one-woman show explores   internalised lesbophobia, queer shame, her exes and almost-threesomes in a sex club. Perverts is a surreal, sarky and sexy comedy.

Offie-Award nominated Frangipane Production (The Party) brings you a rapid-fire, state-of-the-nation satire set in none other than The Queue (for the lying in state of Queen Elizabeth II). A poignant & powerful play that brings together adulterous doctors, ailing drag queens, wannabe (Christian) rockstars & manic-depressive housewives.

Two friends discuss dating, the events of the night before and how they're feeling in the lead up to the Repeal the Eighth Referendum. A story of friendship, abortion rights and MMA fighter, Conor McGregor.

Iconic queer Pan-Asian company Bitten Peach joins KHT with their all-Aisian cast of drag king. Expect a Game Show Extravaganza, featuring a variety of guest acts, ridiculous games and funky characters. Hosted by Sigi Moonlight. Bitten Peach tells Asian stories, creates safe spaces and diversifies Asian representation. 

From the creators of FITTER and HOTTER, comes a 55 minute existential verbatim cabaret by two coworking cohabiting ex-partners in their mid-late twenties on the brink of breaking up. So with no further ado... welcome to the messiest break-up you've ever been through: live... and this is a WIP, so it really will be messy. 

  • Cow (31 Mar - 3 Apr)

Debut one-woman show from writer Evie Chandler. What starts as a bittersweet love story turns into a story about about fatness, transness, hating your body and needing sex. How do you accept the body society has told you to hate? 

Sex. Love. Lettuce. Join gorgeous clown, Trash Salad on her quest to find connection. A gender bending, strip teasing, clowning operatic adventure. Trash Salad is a joyful queer-femme love story in the shape of a salad. 

Two woman, one is a prolific e-erotica writer and the other is obsessed with Lolita. Both are facing their fantasies. A new play about strangers whose lives become intimately connected in ways they cannot see. 

A dynamic array of dualogues from  new writing company Any Second Now. It Takes Two, takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride to reveal the nuances of human connection. These peceives have been selected as the best of the best after the It Takes Two's three sell out runs in 2022. 



Sight Unseen Season ticket offer:

  • Book x2 shows, get 10% off.

  • Book x3 or more shows, get 20% off.


But that is not all for The Takeover... Keep your eyes peeled for more information on our next Guest Artistic Directors: Tom Ratcliffe, Tania Azevedo & David Cumming