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The A Word
Drama + LGBT

The A Word

A domestic abuse drama told from an LGBTQ+ perspective

When Brooke meets Moira, it seems like the perfect match. But soon her friends notice a radical change in Brooke’s behaviour – a dramatic transformation from a confident woman to one who can barely function – & suspect she has become addicted to something sinister.

The A Word is not a typical portrayal of domestic abuse. The audience witnesses the subtle psychological manipulation, the gradual erosion of Brooke's self-esteem & identity, as well as bear witness to her friends attempts to pull her back from the brink. Through the power of theatre, it encourages us to question our own assumptions about relationships & encourages us to look more closely at how we react when we suspect something is not quite right.

The play shines a light on an issue that affects many, but often goes unseen and unheard, particularly in the LGBT+ community. It leaves the audience with the knowledge that, when faced with such difficult circumstances, help & support are available. Ultimately, the story stays with you long after the curtain closes.

The A Word is a fundraiser, with its profits going to Safelives, a charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for everyone & for good.





Writer & Director | Jade Winters
Director | Tippy Elgar
Producers | Alex Hogben & Hazel Young
Lighting Designer | Joao Janiero
Production Designer | Ruby Todd

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £16.00


3 & 5 Mar


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 minutes without an interval
Age Guidance | 16+
Content Warning | Depiction of physical & psychological violence, emotional distress.


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