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The Benefits of Disabled Sex
New Writing

The Benefits of Disabled Sex

Walking is hard, puberty is harder

In 2012, boy lost the use of his legs but that’s the least of his worries. His school crush doesn’t know his name, his mum won’t stop shouting and he still can’t afford a prostitute. 

Boy is ready to talk about it all. From walking to wanking, girls to god, nothing is off limits. This is the truth, his truth - apart from the bits that aren't.

Combining Theatre and Stand up, “The Benefits of Disabled Sex” is a semi autobiographical one man show exploring disability, youth, crotches and crutches.


Written and Performed by Sonny Howes
Directed by Uri Roodner
Stage Managed by Jasmine Kint
Theatre Company Under The Rug

Ticket Price

£12.50 - £15


13th September - 17th September


King's Head Theatre



This production last approximately 55 minutes with no interval.

Trigger warnings: This production discusses themes of mental health, disordered eating and sexual content.


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