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Grey Area
New Writing + LGBT

Grey Area

A modern queer odyssey exploring mental health in relationships

2 boyfriends, 17 time jumps across 7 years. 1 hour.

Grey Area is a semi-autobiographical play exploring mental health in queer relationships. Featuring a banana, four mental breakdowns & a f**king weed lollipop, this emotional rollercoaster will take you back in time to revisit your first love. 

Follow the tale of Jackson & Peter as they embark on a journey of falling for each other & trying to make it work after it all falls apart. Breakthroughs & honest conversations are had over the span of this 7 year odyssey: they mess each other up, protect each other fiercely & transcend the wreckage they left behind.

Who's right and who's wrong? We're in a Grey Area after all.

Fragmented, intimate memories unveil truths about love & morality. The story highlights the quirks, complexities & nuances of LGBTQIA+ relationships while exploring what makes the pursuit of peace (& the suffering it can cause) a universal experience.

How can a journey of queer love be completely redefined by growth and understanding?

By bringing you into a world of reflections & yarn designed by a multi-award winning creative team, Grey Area encourages you to piece together the characters’ memories in your own way, & take from it what you need.



'Delicate & harrowing, moving & airy, tragic & hopeful'
★★★★ Broadway World 


'A story that is real, honest & lived'
★★★★ The Reviews Hub

'A fresh take on mental illness - It’s a story which needs to be heard'
★★★★ Theatre Weekly

'Sweet, funny, romantic but realistic & overflowing with tenderness'
Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE | Actor & Director


Jackson | Jonny Peyton-Hill
Peter | Lewis Kennedy

Writer | Jonny Peyton-Hill
Director | Chiara Virgilio
Movement & Intimacy Director | Kiren Virdee
Set Designer | Ioana Curelea
Sound Designer | David Denyer
Producer | Homing Bird Theatre

Over the past 2 years, the number of people suffering from mental health issues has doubled, with people burdened by pre-existing inequalities being the most affected: queer people, teenagers, and disabled people (among others). Moreover, with LGBTQIA+ rights now under threat, it’s more important than ever to represent queer relationships everywhere and normalise same-sex experiences. With Grey Area, we aim to do just this.” Chiara Virgilio (Director & Co-Founder, Homing Bird Theatre)

Ticket Price

£10 - £19


27 Feb - 5 Mar


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 65 mins approx.
Content Warnings | Strong language, references to sex, drugs & alcohol abuse, mental health issues (panic attacks).


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