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Autumn Opera Liminal Officially Announced

15 September 2021

Autumn Opera Liminal Officially Announced

Liminal: Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Exploring the bittersweet richness of the dark, with the creamy decadence of the light, Le Gateau Chocolat joins forces with King’s Head Theatre to create a brand new show.

Each night, a specially curated operatic song cycle will offer a meditation on where do we go and who do we become when we lose our anchor? 

For years, in a small room at the back of a pub, audiences have seen the greatest operas reworked, reimagined, and updated. But what happens when Tosca takes her taxi home at the end of the night? When Figaro has a zoom meeting at 11.00am?

King’s Head favourites and some exciting new voices explore the space between the persona and the person in a new honest and emotional response to the world away from the glamour.

Developed and directed by Le Gateau Chocolat, this is a raw personal look at opera and the people who perform it. Different for each cast, opera doesn’t get more intimate than this.

Written and directed by Le Gateau Chocolat
Co-written and narrated by Tommy Bradson
Performed by Robert Barbaro, Grace Nyandoro, Honey Rouhani, and Dan D’Souza

Wednesday 29 September - Saturday 23 October Tickets