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Getaway/Runaway: a twisted and darkly comedic family drama


Get to know the team behind Getaway/Runaway, a twisted and darkly comedic family drama brought to you by debut writer Noah McCreadie presented in association with Shot In The Dark Theatre.



Nye Occomore as Eliot:

"It's a funny play about family, dealing with a few dark elements. It's fascinating to look at how loved ones protect or challenge each other depending on the Information they have. Who's telling the truth and who's truth are they telling? A wonderful mix of dysfunctional people add to a pressure cooker that may not keep the lid on! Elliots darkness is a lot of fun and being the youngest in the family makes him very playful. It's a real treat!"


Kiera Murray as Saoirse:

"The play for me is a real look into an strange world, with bizarre situations and genuine relationships. The complex and intense storyline will leave you questioning what you see and hopefully laughing at the outlandish circumstances. Saoirse is an absolute treat of a role to play. She is both strong and vulnerable. A real driving force to be reckoned with."


Chris Moore as Mark:

"The play is a dark comedy about a dysfunctional family’s mad getaway in the countryside. We have Mark; the absent father, former alcoholic, former prisoner and occasional goofball. Alice; Marks much younger girlfriend, former (…) sex addict, and all-round schemin’ bitch. Eliot; the prodigal son, an oddball young man who has been accused of sexual assault, and Saoirse; the daughter and wiser than her years psychology student who tries to hold everything together. 

I can’t wait to play out those weird and wonderful interpersonal relationships!"


Coline Atterbury as Alice:

"Getaway/Runaway is captivating and intriguing new play produced by Shot in the Dark Theatre. This dark comedy explores the complexities of human relationships and family dynamics, preconceptions and perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, as well as the consequences of our actions and interactions."


Noah McCreadie | Writer & Director:

"Getaway/Runaway is about the dysfunctional nature of “broken” families and what happens when complex relationships are pushed to their limit. It’s about siblings, parents and outsiders. Hopefully, it will test your values whilst somehow still managing to make you laugh at the same time."


Hannah McLeod | Director:

"It's about a family coming together and breaking apart. It's about changing relationships and making up for lost time. It's about the human capacity for amazing and terrible things."



Don't miss Getaway/Runaway, showing 27 - 29 Apr!