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Liebenspiel's Late Night Week Presents...

Liebenspiel's Late Night Week Presents...

Liebenspiel's Late Night Week: A week long celebration of the weirdest and most wonderful comedy and cabaret.

The multi-award-deserving deadpan Frenchman brings back his acclaimed interactive show, in which he serves up a unique Whine List from the audience's past woes and misdemeanours. A kind of group therapy experience, but one where everybody will probably leave more depressed. As seen on The John Bishop Show (BBC1), Live At The Comedy Store (Comedy Central) and Set List (Sky Atlantic). Part of Liebenspiel's “Late Night Week”; a never before seen gathering of the most weird and wonderful comedy in the UK.

Terry Wogan is back from the dead as part of his ongoing attempt to return to light entertainment no matter the cost. Featuring interviews with “real” celebrities and accompanied by a live band. Previous guests include Liza Minelli, George Lucas, Alan Bennett, Mariah Carey and Cherie Blair. Every night one lucky audience member will give Terry Wogan £5000. Recipient of a KBE and co-host of annual Twitch stream "Morlvision".

Following three culturally deeply unsettling, sell-out smash-hit runs, this bafflingly entertaining late-night comedy extravaganza returns to the King’s Head. John-Luke Roberts wrangles an all-star cast of the best comedians and worst idiots into creating a one-time-only, never-before-seen adaptation of unadaptable texta. Previous catastrophic attempts include: the iTunes Terms and Conditions.

Who are Joy Multiplication, you ask? Joy Multiplication are 4 best friends who just so happen to be 4 of the country's best AND horniest comics. Olga Koch, Sam Lake, Chloe Petts and Huge Davies bring you spicy new material, stories about JM's wild getaways and MAYBE MORE?

Join your hosts Hudson Hughes and Eni Oshowo for the world's only Scalextric tournament/comedy night. Six comedians have designed their own remote-controlled cars, ready for victory or destruction on the track.

The Glang Show entrusts audience members with complete and arbitrary power to control a comedy night. We provide your beloved Glangs and with them you sit at the helm. You steer the show. You control everything. I trust you completely. I will never sleep again.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a riot of colours, laughter, and artistry as the award-winning Pink Lotus brings her cabaret event, HOT QUEER MAGIC, to the King’s Head! After selling out in South London and the Edinburgh Fringe, this show promises an unforgettable celebration of queerness, self-expression, empowerment, and joy.



Liebenspiel's Late Night Week is part of of the opening shows in our new King's Head Theatre, located in Islington Square. 

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