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God Save the Kink
Cabaret + LGBT+ + A Queer Interrogation

God Save the Kink

A right royal romp of the kinkiest cabaret proportions

This show is part of A Queer Interrogation. Explore the full season & find out more here!



"Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. And heavy is the crown whilst giving head."



Britain is royally f*cked, and only one gender bent superstar can ensure it.

International fetish fiend Letitia Delish is on a mission to expose our heads of state as the filthy family they truly are.

Let London's rudest royalist guide you on a journey into BDSM & fetish as she examines the obsession & repulsion of British sex habits. From our colonialist past to our penchant for scandal, Letitia Delish delves deep into the joys & dangers of power in the bedroom & society itself as she asks: is there anything more intoxicating than power?

Featuring hands-on kink performance, live cabaret & original music, Delish presents a no-holds barred investigation into inclusive, queer sex & the importance of consensual power dynamics.

God Save the Kink is an anarchic cabaret experiment from the twisted mind of international fetish fiend, Letitia Delish.

With a brand new show every two months in its Fringe East London home 'The Karaoke Hole', this is the first transfer from two-monthly cabaret experiment to a fully developed theatre show.

With a repertoire of wacky, ever changing, performances, God Save the Kink delves into the untapped queer kink potential of everyday life. In their solo extravaganza expect music, games & filth in a celebration of rejecting shame & embracing your inner freak!


Writer & Creator | Letitia Delish
Performers | Letitia Delish & Matt Skully
Director | Charles Quittner
Musical Direction/Arrangements | Rachel Blaquière


Ticket Price

£10 - £13.50


Sat 6 May 2023, 10pm


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 60 mins approx.
Age Guidance | 18+
Content Warning | Strong language, adult themes, scenes of a sexual nature & nudity. This is a raucous cabaret of adult themes, there will be no 4th walls here!

Please note this performance will be filmed.


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