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Illusions of Liberty 2021
New Writing

Illusions of Liberty 2021

Dark comedy. An invisible illness in a hostile environment.

In order to access Illusions of Liberty after purchasing tickets, please click on STREAM NOW above to be taken to the film. You'll then be required to login with your King's Head Theatre account details in order to begin watching the film. FAQ's can be found here. 

Thanks to the generous support of our audiences and the UK Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund, we’re able to guarantee that over 50% of the value of your ticket for any Plays On Film production will go directly to the artists and companies involved at this difficult time for freelancers across the entertainment industry.

“I’m exhausted, and I just woke up. Don’t they say Eskimos have 1000 words for snow, or is it fifty? Should be at least 1000 words for tired if you ask me. So many different types of tired…. And so, few…. Beds"

Following a wildly successful run in 2019’s Playmill festival, Lorna Wells' OnComm nominated dark comedy returns to the King’s Head Theatre as part of the our digital on demand season, Plays On Film

Corinne Walker plays Liberty Jones, a cellist plagued by an ever increasing number of bewildering symptoms. Five days ago she was finally diagnosed with an invisible illness, which forces her to contend with a series of hard truths and convincing lies.

Through moments of anger, laughter and heartache, Illusions of Liberty exposes the injustice of living with an illness that no-one can see against the backdrop of a deeply hostile environment. 

This film of Illusions of Liberty was originally recorded by Applecart Arts. 

Available to watch on demand via our new streaming service, KHTV, from Thursday 15 April 2021.






Liberty Jones Corinne Walker

Cellist Meera Priyanka Raja


Writer & Executive Producer Lorna Wells

Director Aisling Gallagher

Set & Costume Designer Sally Hardcastle

Lighting & Sound Designer Chuma Emembolu

Assistant Director & Stage Manager Gwenan Bain

Producer Rebecca Dilg

Personal Assistant & Support Worker for Lorna Wells Samantha Mensah

Ticket Price

£10 - £18


Booking a ticket will allow you to stream the show on demand from 15 April - 05 May





★★★★★ “Illusions of Liberty is informative, transparent, and resonating for many who can relate or who know of someone who can… as well as what strength, courage and perseverance, and freedom truly looks like beyond the surface” Get The Chance

★★★★ "One of the things I really love about the writing of Illusions of Liberty is the balance between the general and the’s a way of including everybody...Illusions of Liberty isn’t just about Liberty and Lorna. It’s about – and for – the rest of us too" Mobile Theatre

“Wells forms humour from struggle and the show is bursting with moments of laughter” A Younger Theatre

“A bold, important one-woman show that shines the light on a subject rarely tackled on stage. Corinne Walker’s performance is phenomenal”  Afridiziak Theatre

“Wells has created a character whose charm keeps us focussed and engaged” Reviews Hub

“This heartfelt production is well worth a look… a darkly funny and moving story” Fairy Powdered Productions

“Walker plays all the roles with aplomb” Breaking the Fourth Wall

“Illusions of Liberty, partly autobiographical, does not ask for pity but instead for understanding and empathy” Lou Reviews


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