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That's Ace
New Writing + LGBT+ + A Queer Interrogation

That's Ace

A new story unpacking asexuality & the importance of intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community

This show is part of A Queer Interrogation. Explore the season & find out more here!


"That was the first time I knew I had a crush. A sort of crush - I think a crush. Something..."


Ace, who named herself after the 80’s Doctor Who companion, has always led a sheltered life. But tonight, everything changes as she’s invited to a nightclub for the first time.

Sadly, she arrives 15 minutes early. On time is late after all. So she has to wait the whole night in this hostile new environment for her school crush, Sasha, to arrive. As Ace tries to determine whether her feelings for Sasha are romantic or platonic, she becomes increasingly aware of the preeminent focus on sex in society.

Is it love? Is it friendship? What's the difference?

This thought-provoking LGBTQIA+ story explores asexuality, attraction and the feeling of living outside societal norms. 






'Where a deviance from the normal elements of a rom-com might pose a problem for any other show, here it makes for a touching & profound production' ★★★★★ Liam O'Dell


'Pearmund delivers a pure, honest performance that makes us want to scoop Ace up & give her a hug' ★★★★ Broadway World


'An accomplished & clever piece of theatre' ★★★★ LouReviews


'Thoughtful writing & a sensitive performance' ★★★★ The Reviews Hub


'A really impressive performance from Tiffany Marina Pearmund as Ace - She holds the audience's attention throughout' ★★★★★ Audience Club


'There is certainly not enough asexual representation in the theatre world, but for now, I am pleased to let That’s Ace be the main representation' Curtain Call


'A funny & assured piece of theatre, and well worth watching' The Play's The Thing


Ace | Tiffany Marina Pearmund

Writer & Director | Jonny Brace
Lighting Designer | Ed Frearson
Graphic Designer | Amy Hunting
Producer |  James Creighton-Goode
Artwork Photographer | Stuart Wilson
Show Photographer | Andrea Pavlou

Ticket Price

£10 - £17.50


2 - 6 May 2023


King's Head Theatre



Duration | 50 minutes approx.
Age Guidance | 16+
Content Warnings | Strong language, references to sex & death.

Part of the A Queer Interrogation season ticket offer!

  • Book x2 shows, get 10% off.
  • Book x3 or more shows, get 20% off.


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