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Springboard festival for emerging artists: Line up announced

You want Fringe Theatre? We'll give you Fringe Theatre. 

Introducing Springboard: an early careers theatre festival with something for everyone. It's the place to be this Spring.


The Silver Bell | 29 March - 02 April

A story of love, loss and inter-dimensional travel.

It starts as all good stories do: boy meets boy. But then boy meets end, leaving a huge void and a lot of time to fill before the curtain call… When Mico loses the love of his life to motor neurone disease, he should begin the slow process of grieving, but instead he does the next best thing: he punches a hole in the universe and travels to parallel worlds, all in the hope of getting his husband back.

Join Mico and James (and a million other Jameses) as they tell you their story of life, death and trying to find decent sausage rolls in a universe that never invented Gregg’s.



Babydoll | 05 April - 09 April

A queer love story, exploring the complicated boundaries between sex, intimacy and love.

Zeena has landed her first job; she is abroad, alone, and out of her depth. Although she enjoys the mentorship of her enigmatic Boss, cracks begin to appear in his façade. Zeena soon finds a friend in Billie, one of his latest escorts. Billie knows herself and lives for her art, while Zeena is lost and lives to work. After a rocky start, the two fall for one another. Now, Zeena must face the unknown with a full heart and an open mind; she must navigate her own unconscious bias and desire for heteronormativity. 



Grey Widow | 05 April - 09 April

Strap in, strap on, and prepare to summon some spirits – it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Winner of the 2019 London Horror Festival Playwriting Competition In this acclaimed monologue play, Lady Aria Grey tells the haunting tale of her husband’s life, her husband's death, and her husband's restless ghost. She killed him, you see, but she didn’t do it properly…



A Partnership | 10-11, 15-16 April

Can two men in modern-day London have a long-lasting, monogamous relationship?

A relationship comedy-drama featuring two men with no angels, no AIDS and no other characters – it looks into the changing face of homophobia, as partners Ally and Zach are forced into a devastating conversation five years in the making, to finally make a decision about their future. In real-time, on the eve of Ally’s 30th birthday, he and Zach question whether we can – or should – be ‘normal,’ as internalised homophobia casts a silent shadow over their relationship.



Why I am an Avocado | 12 April - 13 April

Fragments of queer narratives, characters, and confessions tie together with the question we all ask: What makes me an avocado?

Am I ripe? Do I come in a pair with unnecessary plastic protecting me from squeezing hands? Or am I just soft, single, left in the corner, destined to be part of the never-ending food waste? There might be an answer. There probably won’t be. Let Keith and Delilah hold your hand through the HCT Programme - a new method in exploring self-love (and loving them). Join Callum in his corner as he advises, guides, and inspires you to be your best self. Then, help Juliet find her one true love.



Drag Queens vs Zombie | 12 April - 16 April

Dawn of the Dead meets RuPaul's Drag Race in this hilarious, camp, horror comedy from the award winning queens of the Haus of Dench.

A feuding drag duo are hosting a spectacular cabaret night in a last ditch attempt to revitalise their careers. But on the eve of a zombie apocalypse, their backstage bust-ups become the least of their worries. As the undead invade the theatre, the queens must overcome their differences and use their unique talents to fight their way out of the oncoming apocalypse and save the audience from a gruesome death.



Dragbaby | 17 April - 18 April 

"As a queer person, is there a right way to build your own family?"

Dan, a misanthropic drag queen in his mid-thirties, only has one thing on his mind - to get on tv and become famous. That is until Sally, his estranged friend and only ever girlfriend, reappears and asks him to donate sperm so she and her girlfriend Sandra can have a baby.

As Dan grapples with this decision, the pair rekindle the close friendship they once had, causing a strain in his relationship with his drag mentee and friend Nathan, who struggles with this new arrangement.



About 500 | 19 April - 24 April

"As a woman I’ll only have about 500 ovulations in my entire life. And for most of those, I was either too young or too single or too whatever…"

Clem is 37 when she starts trying for a child with her partner Luke. Two unsuccessful years later, she realises that, like many other women, she’s been out-manoeuvred by a timetable that ignores women’s finite fertility…



Eating Myself | 19 April - 23 April

A powerful and vulnerable female exploration about food, the kitchen, and looking after oneself as a woman.

A communal experience through cooking on stage, while digging into the performer’s deep fight around body image, self-care, and family. This is a show with South American flavour, that will take audiences back to their cultural roots and question how different we really are.