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Tania Azevedo announces new Musical Theatre Season!

Award winning theatre-maker and Director Tania Azevedo announes her new Musical Theatre season, MT Pride Lab, as part of the Guest Artistic Director Takeover.


Tania Azevedo is the third LGBTQIA+ Guest Artistic Director to be handed the keys to King's Head Theatre as part of The Takeover happening at our iconic pub. 

Her curated season, MT Pride Lab, celebrates all different forms of Musical Theatre created by LGBTQIA+ artists. 

I am thrilled to present the upcoming season of Musical Theatre Pride Lab. This season is a vibrant playground where artists will hone and nurture their shows, taking creative risks while connecting with audiences and learning from their feedback.

Featuring stories celebrating forgotten Queer icons, mysteries about missing siblings and found identities, and tales where opera meets drag, our season offers a unique opportunity to witness the birth of tomorrow's musical hits. Join us in celebrating the future of musical theatre!"





Combining drag & opera, Freddie Love explores opera’s inherent queerness and gender bending-history. Join Freddie for your favourite arias… done very differently. 



A new gig musical looking at the iconic historical figure Julie D’aubigny: worshipped opera singer, renowned swordswoman and flaming bisexual. Featuring live music, comedy, tap dancing, twerking nuns and a kazoo chorus, this high octane show will blow your mind. 


Basil’s sister is missing. The police don’t seem interested. This mystery musical  follows Basil Plaint as they untangle the puzzle of their missing sister. Following a sold out show at The Other Palace, this show is a love/hate letter to being neurodivergent in a world that’s not built for you.



Rejecting stories of tragedy & telling joyful stories of queerness, this new musical explores moments of identification & recognition for the LGBTQ+ community.


Winner of Drag at the Stag, runner-up of It’s a Knockout and Drag Idol returns to KHT! A one-twink show combining traditional aspects of LGBT+ cabaret with niche musical theatre, original musical comedy, phenomenal piano skill and glitteringly outrageous outfits.


A folk-rock musical about ambition and what happens at drama school when things go wrong. When Jack is offered a place at a top drama school, with no student funding available, and no rich family to pay their way, they move to London anyway, relying on hostels, class mates’ couches and a park bench to make it through. And it’s going well… until him.


What if a gay hookup app was an actual supermarket? Browse, purchase and find your next sexual partner. This one act new musical follows a young single Matt as he becomes part of the GuyMart stock… but not everything is as it seems.


Copla music was a genre of music repressed by Franco’s dictatorship and lost into history… until now. This one of a kind show by La Gitana deconstructs the subversive background of the traditional music, exploring their historical significance and relevance for queer collectives now. Joyful, comedic and interactive, it will leave you informed, amused and more appreciative of Span than ever before. 


After her housemates discover her teenage diary, Ellis makes a very long (and very gay) night of reading it. A new musical comedy where three queer women get to grips with their gay panic the only way they know how - with singing, and a lot of shots. 


Delving deep into the complexities of bi-erasure & the high stakes of fame & success, this new musical unpacks the personal struggles & sacrifices that come with pursuing one's dreams.


Hersh Dagmar’s Kabaret brings the deconstructed songs of The Pet Shop Boys and transports them to the Weimar era. Think a combination of noughties club kid, jazz, electronic avant-pop… cabaret. 


A queer clown-cabaret tribute to icon George Michael. We meet young George after the death of his lover, Anselmo Feleppa and after loosing a high-profile legal battle with Sony Music. Fearing he’ll never write another song... George awakens the Fool from deep within. 






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